Gregory PRC

There are many PRC homes that we have rebuilt successfully and each design of home is repaired under different approved schemes.

Under the PRC homes license repair scheme we are the only company to have fully repaired a Gregory property. From the appearance a Gregory is very similar looking to a Cornish type property but the repair scheme is different. Please contact us for more information if you have a Gregory type property and are interested in having a repair. You can live in the property while the works are in progress as this is only a ground floor repair we recommend you live upstairs. The works take approx 7-8 weeks to complete. Once all works are complete a PRC certificate is issued by the engineer also a sign off certificate from the local authority along with a fensa certificate for any NEW windows or doors installed.

The above houses once repaired will be fit to sell or buy using high street mortgage lenders with the exception of houses repaired using the wrap around scheme.

We can supply a list of the mortgage lenders that we know will approve mortgages on these houses. If you would like any information or details pleases contact us on:

Tel: Office 01275472894 Mob 07792867319 - Mike

Email: Your house is now fully re mortgagable.