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Welcome to Valley Developments - PRC Repairs Specialists

Valley developments is a family run Bristol based company who specialise in the structural repair of buildings and PRC homes across the UK, we have built up extensive knowledge and experience of PRC homes over the past 18 years whilst repairing and rebuilding a wide range of defective housing, such as Airey, Cornish, Cornish 2, Cornish bungalows, Gregory, Hawksley shindler, Parkinson, Rema, Rema bungalows, Unity, Woolaway and Woolaway Bungalows and other pre-reinforced concrete homes (PRC). We have built a successful, varied client base and have an excellent reputation.

Valley Developments LTD are not sales guys who will pass on your job to other builders, Valley Developments LTD will be with you every step of the way throughout your PRC repair.......We are the builders not sales people.


As a PRC homes limited approval repairs scheme once the repairs have been completed a PRC certificate will be issued along with a local Authority sign off. When these have been issued our scheme is accepted by high-street mortgage lenders. Many of our clients have managed to take up their right to buy option and obtained a mortgage to cover the purchase and repair of their homes, which we can assist you with. The Government are encouraging tenants to purchase their Council house and you may even receive up to 60% discount on the valuation of your right to buy price.

The reasons for having VALLEY DEVELOPMENTS LTD to transform your PRC home are- Once the works have been completed your house will be of a traditional build ie thermalite blockwork & brick work. An insulated cavity which applies to building regs (U values) will also be used in the build along with new windows and doors which are C rated with energy efficient K glass so your house will be warmer so saving on heating bills, as we are all aware the cost of heating your house now a days is at its highest. A more modern up to date looking house. No damp problems and the value of your property may double. Also your house will be fully mortgageable.

Arranging a mortgage for a PRC property can be very complicated and many factors have to be taken into consideration when trying to find the right product suitable for your needs.

We can put you in touch with our expert independent mortgage broker. Morgan Mortgages Ltd, call 07961499594 or email quoting Valley Developments where Sally can advise depending on your personal circumstances. Sally has had many years of experience and great success in obtaining suitable mortgages.

Misplaced or lost your PRC Licence? Then we can help with the replacement for a fee of £850.00 - Call for more information.

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